Perfect Vacation Photos? No Way

All those famous Instagram girls have boyfriends contorting themselves into crazy poses to take impossibly perfect pictures, but I’ve got a teenager who happily lays on the ground to take goofy pics that are far from perfect and often not super flattering angles, and I wouldn’t trade places for the world. My travel pics may never look like they came out of  a magazine but they are filled with fun memories of the places I’ve seen, and years from now that’s what’s more important. Sure I’d have loved a pic without the stairs and without putting my stomach front and center, but my photos are real life. It was 90+ degrees, we climbed a lighthouse. I wanted a pic of my dress and the lighthouse and I got exactly what I asked for. Plus, I got to laugh a lot  at my daughter sprawled on the ground in the blistering heat. So if you travel and your pics don’t look majestic, don’t sweat it. Your photos are snapshots of your life and meant for you and your family to enjoy! And to me the idea of setting up perfect poses and taking 100 pics sounds exhausting and like I wouldn’t actually enjoy my precious travel time. I don’t need that in my life, I’d rather spend that time exploring and enjoying the ride.

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