Hire a Holiday Helper!

Do you ever want to wave a magic wand, and be ready for the holidays, without all the stress of decorating, wrapping, and shopping?

I’m Angel the Elf, and I love all things Christmas!

If you live in Northern New Jersey, hire me!

-I will come to your house, put up your tree, and trim it.

-Don’t have time to hand-address your holiday cards? I’ll do that, too!

-Did your Cyber Monday get out of hand? I’ll bring my Mobile Wrapping Unit, sort through your boxes, and beautifully wrap your gifts.

Let me work some holiday magic so you can have the best Christmas ever!

I’m available for many holiday odd jobs, so if you don’t see it listed, ask! But I have seen “Christmas Vacation” a few too many times, so there are limits (I won’t be putting lights on your roof, sorry). My rates vary based on task, time, and distance, so DM me for an estimate (and if you think you’re out of the service area, ask – I may be able to get there). To book my services for nights or weekends, please message me, so we can all have a holly, jolly Christmas! 

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