Opening My Etsy Shop During a Pandemic

I haven’t felt like posting much to my blog, a pandemic certainly puts a damper on traveling. But it has actually given me time to work on a few things I’ve felt passionate about, and one was really focusing and opening an Etsy shop with products I’ve felt passionate about. (You can visit me at

I’ve had an Etsy before and sold a handful of things, from crocheted goods to embroidered products. I liked doing it, but never really felt the spark. Earlier this spring I launched my Healing Hearts. They are something I’ve wanted to do for a while. They combine my love of Reiki/Energy Healing and crafting and they are super cute.

Each of Angel’s Healing Hearts is a handmade item that is filled with love and energy to help you with your physical and emotional pain. Think of this as a boo-boo buddy for your soul. Each can be held in your hand or carried with you to remind you that you have love at your side. I use my Energy Healing along with crystals, essential oils, herbs, chakras and other magical materials to create each unique heart. Each heart is hand sewn out of cotton materials and is specially made for the recipient, with focused reiki energy along with crystals, rice, oils, herbs, and other custom items that fit the request.

I’ve absolutely loved making each and every one. The trust people put in me to tell me what they need feels so special. I have really just been blessed to put something good out in the world at this challenging time.

With my normal rushing scheduled, I wouldn’t have had the time to sit and create these the way I wanted to. I would be too busy with a long commute, constant activities and traveling to sit and figure out how to launch my side hustle (which maybe some day will be my main hustle). Now I can put in the proper effort, and really pay attention and learn what I need to do.

Now, admittedly the thing that is sustaining my shop while I launch some of my more personal pet projects like the Hearts and a few other things I’m noodling around with still, is face masks. I make custom cloth face masks and have since March. I donated a few hundred, made sure my family was covered and now make them to order for people all over. Pretty sure I’ve made well over 800 or so masks at this point. But while masks aren’t my passion or long term plan. I like knowing that I’m helping people stay a little safer during this pandemic. If I’ve got to be stuck at home, at least I can feel like I’m doing something good.

Stay tuned to my Etsy for more new products and a post on some of the lessons (dos and don’ts) I’ve learned so far with starting a small business.

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