Roadside Attraction: World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet

Me at the World’s Largest Filing Cabinet

So many of the World’s Largest things I go to visit are specifically constructed with the specific intent of being really oversized items and to break Guinness Records. The World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet (reportedly) in Burlington, Vermont is not like most of those other really big things.

Instead of being one large filing cabinet constructed for this record breaking purpose, it is instead a series of filing cabinets that have been attached together. According to Atlas Obscura, this was built in 2002 by local artist Bren Alvarez, and is made up of 38 drawers.

Judging by some older photos I saw online the giant concrete pillar that stands about 10 feet high underneath the filing cabinet is relatively new. Not entirely sure if that was to make this more commanding, or possibly just to make it trickier for people to climb. My hunch is the latter, but I have no evidence of that.

The filing cabinet structure is in a parking lot in an industrial seeming area of Burlington, at 220 Flynn Avenue. It’s free to visit, and not far from most of Burlington’s downtown activities. I thought it was pretty cool, but I’m really into things that would be trash being upcycled and repurposed in new ways. The rest of my family was underwhelmed. They just kind of acknowledged it and got back in the car.

See my TikTok for video of the World’s Largest Filing Cabinet.


Doing some of my fave hobby — road tripping and seeing cool stuff! #roadtrip #roadsideamerica #worldstallest #travel #vacation #odd

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