Running Really Slowly… Again

My relationship with running has been weird. I, like Peter Sagal in the fantastic book The Incomplete Book of Running, started after I got divorced as a way to get fit and spend more time outside. Unlike Peter, I never was fast and my “running” was more of what I liked to call a slog,Continue reading “Running Really Slowly… Again”

Find Your Park: Cape Henry Memorial

When you think of National Parks or National Monuments you probably think of Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty or the Lincoln Memorial, and while those are awesome, there are tons of other smaller sites maintained by the National Park Service that all help either preserve some of the most scenic and naturalContinue reading “Find Your Park: Cape Henry Memorial”

Pink Hair, Don’t Care

After quite a bit of thought (we’re talking years) I decided to dye my hair pink this winter. And frankly, I’ve never felt more me. The color choice wasn’t super well-received by some friends and family and that made me mildly concerned about how it would be perceived while traveling. Turns out, I didn’t reallyContinue reading “Pink Hair, Don’t Care”

Alone in the Tunnel of Love

Despite the goofy face in the pic, I’m pretty happy about it. I love love. I love being in love. And I have a lot of love to give. But if the past year of dating has taught me anything, it’s that the road to true love is paved with married men and guys whoContinue reading “Alone in the Tunnel of Love”

Traveling Leads to New Beer!

While on a solo road trip to the West Coast back in 2014, I decided to stop and visit some breweries. I’d only recently branched out from the likes of Blue Moon and Sam Adams seasonal beers into the world of craft beer, and was excited to see what was out there. I stopped on aContinue reading “Traveling Leads to New Beer!”

Perfect Vacation Photos? No Way

All those famous Instagram girls have boyfriends contorting themselves into crazy poses to take impossibly perfect pictures, but I’ve got a teenager who happily lays on the ground to take goofy pics that are far from perfect and often not super flattering angles, and I wouldn’t trade places for the world. My travel pics mayContinue reading “Perfect Vacation Photos? No Way”

Travel Tip: Take Your Vacation Time!

I keep getting asked a lot of vacation planning questions – so here’s my Travel Tip of the Day: Use your vacation days & use them wisely. I know a lot of people aren’t lucky enough to get paid vacation, and that really sucks, but if you are like I used to be and had vacation daysContinue reading “Travel Tip: Take Your Vacation Time!”