Road Trip Tip: Sometimes Changing Direction Is the Best Course

I go on a big road trip every summer with my daughter and my dad. We’ve visited so many states in the U.S., seen things we all enjoy, and usually by the end of one, I’ve got a solid idea where we’ll be going next year. I don’t usually give my road trip buddies detailsContinue reading “Road Trip Tip: Sometimes Changing Direction Is the Best Course”

Road Trip Car Packing Tips: All That Tetris Playing Paid Off

Before my last road trip, a friend looked at my Subaru Crosstrek and was like how do plan on fitting luggage for three people for two and a half weeks into that? Well, I got really good at using space when my daughter and I would travel in my Volkswagen Beetle, so this new carContinue reading “Road Trip Car Packing Tips: All That Tetris Playing Paid Off”

Find Your Park: Cape Henry Memorial

When you think of National Parks or National Monuments you probably think of Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty or the Lincoln Memorial, and while those are awesome, there are tons of other smaller sites maintained by the National Park Service that all help either preserve some of the most scenic and naturalContinue reading “Find Your Park: Cape Henry Memorial”

Pink Hair, Don’t Care

After quite a bit of thought (we’re talking years) I decided to dye my hair pink this winter. And frankly, I’ve never felt more me. The color choice wasn’t super well-received by some friends and family and that made me mildly concerned about how it would be perceived while traveling. Turns out, I didn’t reallyContinue reading “Pink Hair, Don’t Care”

Perfect Vacation Photos? No Way

All those famous Instagram girls have boyfriends contorting themselves into crazy poses to take impossibly perfect pictures, but I’ve got a teenager who happily lays on the ground to take goofy pics that are far from perfect and often not super flattering angles, and I wouldn’t trade places for the world. My travel pics mayContinue reading “Perfect Vacation Photos? No Way”

Travel Tip: Take Your Vacation Time!

I keep getting asked a lot of vacation planning questions – so here’s my Travel Tip of the Day: Use your vacation days & use them wisely. I know a lot of people aren’t lucky enough to get paid vacation, and that really sucks, but if you are like I used to be and had vacation daysContinue reading “Travel Tip: Take Your Vacation Time!”