Stuck on the Porch of Indecision

Opening My Etsy Shop During a Pandemic

I haven’t felt like posting much to my blog, a pandemic certainly puts a damper on traveling. But it has actually given me time to work on a few things I’ve felt passionate about, and one was really focusing and opening an Etsy shop with products I’ve felt passionate about. (You can visit me at […]

Stuck on the Porch of Indecision

Do you ever feel like you can’t decide what you want to do next? Either you are uninspired and have no ideas, or you have too many ideas and that prospect overwhelms you? Yeah, the latter is where I’ve been for a while. Sitting here on the figurative Porch of Indecision (I found a real […]

Counting My Blessings: How an Attitude of Gratitude Changed My Outlook on Life

About eight years ago, my friend Daniel private messaged me on Facebook after I’d posted a comment about some egregious thing New Jersey Transit had done that morning. He’s a spiritual sort of guy and he said that as much as he loved looking at pics of my kid growing up, my constant kvetching about […]

My Hardest Hiking Experience

Over the years, I’ve hiked bigger mountains in Yosemite. I’ve done longer hikes, including a 24.3 mile trek of the Devil’s Path in the Catskills (which my brother and I insanely did in 25 hours of pretty much straight hiking). I’ve even hiked bigger mountains in New Hampshire, like Mount Washington which I’ve been up […]

How Major Surgery and a Tough Breakup Led to the Best Year of My Life

A year ago today I was lying on an operating table, having an actual panic attack as four capable medical professionals were struggling to find a vein for an IV. I couldn’t catch my breath and was sobbing uncontrollably and my kind surgeon, who I’d grown friendly with during the pre-op process, offered to call […]

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